Regarding Saturday Morning Cartoons Theme Songs

Eric: So I heard that they’re going to be making a Captain Planet movie.

Friend: *singing* Captain Planet, he’s our hero / Gonna take pollution down to zero

Eric: That was definitely a memorable theme song.  You know what was the best series theme though?

Friend: The Perry Mason theme?

Eric: No, I actually don’t know that one.  I was going to say the X-Men theme.

Friend: Ahh… Well I don’t know that one.

Eric: What?!  You’ve never heard it?  You’ve gotta listen.  *googles the youtubes*

Friend: Well, let me find the Perry Mason theme too then.

Eric: Here it is.  The animated intro isn’t too shabby either.

Friend: Yeah, that is good.  Well, here’s the Perry Mason theme.

Eric: Oooooh.  I do like that.  But you know what…


*dramatic sting*

It’s the same song!

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