Pimping My Friend’s Shiz

I want to veer wildly off topic and give a shout-out to my friend Matt and his new blog. I’ve known Matt since 2004 and we’ve been Facebook friends for just about as long, which is funny because we barely know each other.

His wife, Marie, WHO STILL WILL NOT BE FACEBOOK FRIENDS WITH ME EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO TELL HER THAT SHE WAS ONE OF MY MOST INFLUENTIAL TEACHERS EVER, was my instructor for two courses during my Semester at Sea experience. I saw Matt and his kids frequently around the ship, but we were friends although I could tell that he was a cool dude. Early 2005 was the Wild West days of Facebook for us non-Ivy League types, so when his friend request came through I initially thought to myself, “WTF?” andly had to update myself as to who he was. Like anyone else I’d seen at least one time before, I approved his request, but had no idea what awesome writing he would deliver.

There’s no other way to say it – Matt is my best Facebook follow. His status updates work more like mini-essays and cover all manner of topics from sports to politics to parenthood. His humor, kindness and genuine concern come through in his writing and it makes me feel like we’re friends even though we’ve never talked. And he’s sneakily convincing – I think I’ve incorporated some of his leanings into my own political views.

So why bring this up? He’s a new blogger and so am I. Maybe shining a light on him can keep him writing regularly. His blog is in a nascent state at the moment, but check back frequently and show him some love.


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